Harvest Information

If you're interested in Donating Food Items to The Lord's Larder, the following items are the most in need.

Harvest Shopping List

  • Tinned Tuna, Tinned Meat Pies
  • Tins of Stewed Steak,
  • Tinned Mince, Tins of Hot Dogs, Tins of Meatballs
  • Tins of Corned Beef, Tins of Ham
  • Jars of Pasta Sauce
  • 80 Teabags, Coffee,
  • Large and Small Packets of Cereals ie Weetabix,
  • Cereal Bars
  • Porridge Oats, Meat Paste
  • Packets of Biscuits,
  • Packets of Cream Crackers,
  • Small and large bags of Sugar,
  • Cartons Long Life UHT Milk all sizes
  • Cartons of Fruit Juice, Squash
  • Jars of Jams
  • Tins of Curry, Tins of Chilli Con Carne
  • Tins of Mixed Vegetables,
  • Tins of Peas, Carrots, Potato
  • Tins of Sweetcorn,
  • Baked Beans, Tinned Ravioli,
  • Tins of Beans and Sausages
  • Tins of Spaghetti, Packets of Rice,
  • Packets of Pasta, Pasta and Sauce, Packets of Savoury Rice, Packets of Cous Cous, Noodles, Instant Potato, Cup a Soup
  • Tins of Fruit, Rice Pudding, Jelly, Instant Custard, Instant Whip

Thank you

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