Welcome to Yeovil Christian Support Trust

  • YCST is a registered charitable trust (Charity No. 1092843) set up in 2002. Its objective is the relief of hardship and poverty in the area of South Somerset and North West Dorset.  We offer small grants to agencies to apply for on behalf of their clients from a fund called The Lord's Larder Community Fund . The Trust also administers The Lord's Larder Food Bank which has been operating since 1991, to which long life ambient food is given, agencies request food parcels on behalf of the single clients and families they are working with who need food, the agency then collect the food parcel and deliver to their clients. We work closely with many local organisations who provide services for those in need. We are supported by many local churches, businesses, supermarkets, and members of the public from the local community, for which we are very grateful. 


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