The Agencies that use The Lord's Larder

Agencies YCST works in partnership with;

We work with over 70 agencies across Yeovil and the surrounding area to ensure our donations get to to the right place. We will only action parcels and  Lord's Larder Community Fund requests from recognised agencies, and not from private individuals.

Our list of agencies we work in partnership with is ever broadening, and to name a few:

  • Mental Health Crisis Teams
  • Yarlington - now called Abri
  • Magna Housing                                  
  • Citizen's Advice Bureau - CASS
  • Social Services                                 
  • Children with Disabilities Team                                    
  • Children's Social Care
  • Holly Court                       
  • Family Intervention Service                                               
  • YMCA
  • Yeovil Probation Service 
  • Health Visitors     
  •   ...and other similar agencies

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