What we need most in the Larder

The food items listed below are what the Lord's Larder Food Bank needs most at the moment. 

Of course if you would like to donate any other long life food items that are in date and unopened, are all gratefully received.

Please be aware we do not accept any donations of fresh fruit or vegetables,

 any frozen product, or out of life food items, thank you.

Although other food banks are reporting that they are full, Lord's Larder Yeovil is still accepting donations, thank you for all your support.

Updated on Monday 26th October 2020

Thank you for giving to the Lord's Larder,

with your support we have been able to help

  247 adults and 158 children with food parcels in September 2020, with your support we have been able to give food parcels to 5,500 people already this year !

 Thank you so much for collecting for us. 

The list below shows what are currently short of at the moment ;


Thank you to everyone who has given food to

The Lord's Larder over the past 4 weeks, we are happy to report that we are currently not short of any specific food items

at the moment,  - Thank you all for your support.


However if you still have Harvest or any other donations

ready to give to the Larder,

we are still pleased to accept any donations you may have.



If you are looking for more ideas of what to give to support the Lord's Larder at Christmas,

don't forget to look at our Christmas Information page on this website

Thank You for everything you do to support The Lord's Larder.

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